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“To lead means above all to awaken life in people, to draw life out of them.” (Anselm Grün)

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Mentoring programmes for Holistic Leadership

Experience tailored mentoring programmes for executive leaders, leadership teams and corporate organisations
for successful and sustainable management of your business challenges

“What you want to ignite in others must burn in you”. (Augustinus Aurelius)


Vision Peak Programme for Leaders

Interactive accompaniment to walk an authentic path to rediscover your inner compass

“There is a space between stimulus and reaction. In this space we have the freedom and the power,
to choose our reaction. In our reaction lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl


Business Coaching/Coaching Education Programmes

“As coaches, we support people to get in touch with their best selves” (C. Lowstuter).

Führungskräfte Coaching und Mentoring für Frauen

Leadership Coaching / Executive Coaching

Business coaching for executives, team leaders, public figures

Team Coaching

Leadership teams; all types of teams that form a community of values and pursue a common goal

Our successful cooperation partner, Inolution, has developed a sound diagnostic tool for competence and performance management for you and your team/management body. The multi-dimensional analysis and evaluation provides the basis for successful and sustainable team coaching/mentoring to ensure targeted corporate development and future management.

Business Coaching Education

At management level, coaching is now well established and companies today see coaching skills as a target-oriented management tool to meet the demands of the more complex and ambiguous business world. This extended leadership competence supports you as a leader to further develop your own value-based understanding of leadership. All the collective knowledge becomes visible and can be used at various levels of the company. Coherent thinking and the corresponding inner attitude creates resilience at all organisational levels, promotes more effective and efficient cooperation, which ultimately has a demonstrably positive effect on the sustainable success of the company.

Training details on the website of the Coaching Institute Living Sense – Contact Living Sense Executive for more information.

As pioneers, the Coaching Institute Living Sense brought the approach of integral coaching to Switzerland in 1996 and was the first training institution in Europe to start offering different specialisations of disciplines and methods in the coaching trainings. This has also given rise to the specific offers for today’s business world. Contact Living Sense Executive.


Workshops/Self-Learning Programs

Strengthen and develop your leadership skills and strategic thinking

On the one hand, we offer space for the exchange of best practices and discussions or, on the other hand, space where, when and how you want to learn and experience new things



Take time to step back from the hustle and bustle and distractions of everyday life and create space for new developments and opportunities.

Use the opportunity to discover new territory with your potential and realign your inner compass.



Enthusiasm speaks from the truth of the heart


Info-Events & Events


Educational offer for executives and managers


Mentoring Holistic Leadership Programmes


Vision Peak Programme for Leaders


Experience us live!

“Look towards the light and all shadows will fall behind you.”

(Japanese proverb)

Experience our trainings and retreats in a unique atmosphere together with inspiring people.

You can find our Living Sense Executive training centres in:
Zürich, Bern, Bürglen TG

A mentor or even a coach can support managers or leaders to develop the necessary competences and to make hidden talents and resources visible and to use them in everyday business life. Strategies can be agreed on how to further improve and strengthen key competences. Through the coaching process you can reach the goals you have always wanted to achieve. You will be perceived differently in your current role to further support your career goals and you will be perceived as a mindful, ethical and far-sighted leader.

Yes, absolutely, coaching of managers or management teams leads to a measurable quantitative and qualitative added value and the benefit is proven by the most diverse studies. Coaching is now an indispensable tool to move leaders into “action” and ensure sustainable business success. The key is to go into “doing”.

Executive or business coaching can empower leaders and executives to add value to themselves and the organisation and perform more effectively, clearly and efficiently in their day-to-day jobs. Coaches support people in making their hidden talents and strengths visible and in accepting possible weaknesses and, in combination, in experiencing and learning a completely new kind of leadership to ultimately also achieve a better and more sustainable performance.

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