Why coaching for leaders and manager?

Successful companies or managers who are going round in circles on a personal issue are already orienting themselves to concepts of the integral approach and are increasingly making use of the competences of trained “integral” or “short-term” coaches.

Coaching promotes a change of perspective and supports interdisciplinary work and creates the prerequisite for decision-making processes in a holistic view and strengthens one’s own leadership and self-leadership skills.

In today’s global world, you and the company are given more responsibility and it requires mindful behaviour to sustainably connect the various levels of leadership (organisational leadership – people leadership – self-leadership).

Business coaching takes place on the basis of a sustainable and voluntarily desired relationship characterised by mutual acceptance and trust. Our processes take place at eye level, are interactive and take on board your needs and challenges. We support you as a person and accompany and support you in your process and your solution finding and goal achievement. Together we work out a solution that suits you individually and is not a standard solution, as is often the case in specialist consultancy.

Coaching works on the levels of perception, trust and choice.

Executive coaching and mentoring for women

We know how you feel and we support you
gladly in your process on the following topics

Offer – Coaching for managers (Leadership / Executive Coaching):

We enable a location orientation in order to then go one’s own way with our processes in a self-determined way and to make one’s own talents and resources visible. We expand your business and career options. You increase your resilience, become more visible and can better bring the resources of your team to fruition.

We support you to increase your effectiveness and expand your choices.
We help you with transformation processes and you get clarity about the upcoming decisions.
We accompany you in upcoming decisions or contradictions and you can deal mindfully with the responsibility for success vs. human responsibility within the organisation.
We support you in conflict situations and you learn how to handle your communication.
We offer you the opportunity to discover your resources and talents and to live your wishes and needs.

Leadership coaching gives you an autonomous and inner strength, which in the best case leads to a feeling of manageability, meaningfulness and comprehensibility.