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Cert. Member of the Executive Board

Continuing Education Course – Cert. Member of the Executive Board

We live in times of great and drastic change and restructuring. Calm and steady times seem to be over in today’s ambiguous information society and challenges as well as changes belong to our side as constant companions in everyday business life.

As a member of the executive board, these extraordinary times also demand extraordinary (personal) growth and a mindset that can deal with resistance and promote companies as a learning environment for a passionate pioneering culture.

The Corona crisis and the various conflicts on the world political stage are harbingers of a new mindset for leadership bodies to master. How can the social megatrends be broken down and integrated into everyday business life? How to act purposefully in transformation processes in order to find sustainable answers to digitalisation, shortage of skilled workers, generation issues, social change, etc.

Through new perspectives, this training will provide you with various inspirations for healthy self-, team- and organisational leadership, as a basis for the function of management in the new era and for a sustainably successful company.

You learn and experience how you can transfer this potential into everyday business life and influence your future in a self-determined way by “doing”.

Benefits for you and the company

  • Acquiring the key competence of authentic and intuitive leadership
  • Self-reflective and intuitively strong management members for a healthy, resilient and successful company of the new age – learning to adapt to new challenges
  • Healthy workforce and well-functioning teams
  • New inspiration for business management through different perspectives and self-reflection
  • Sustainable knowledge transfer to the management, which expands the range of solutions and options for action
  • Increasing productivity and business performance

“You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible.” (Hermann Hesse)

Further education Board of Directors

You can expect these topic modules as a Cert. Executive Board member during your training

Effective self-leadership (1 day)

You reflect on your personal self-leadership and your own values and motives and derive from this your further potential for healthy (self-)leadership.

a) Self-leadership competence and personal leadership motivation / understanding
b) Key factors for successful self-leadership
c) Values and beliefs in relationship building

Communication as a leadership competence (1 day)

Learn to understand and use communication as a key competence within the three corporate levels “I-level”, “team level” and “organizational level”.

a) Authentic communication and active listening/appreciation account.
b) Communication in conflict situations and change processes
c) Communication concept in the company

Strategic Intuition – Self Empowerment (2 days)

What is intuition, what is strategy, and what is strategic intuition? How can these be used successfully for the company? What role does intuition play in strategic leadership and key decision-making? In this module you will find answers.

a) Know and strengthen personal intuition
b) develop a resilient attitude and stay mentally fit
c) Emotion management
d) Mindfulness and empathy in day-to-day leadership
e) Strategy and intuition in the daily work routine
f) Using strategic intuition in a targeted and successful manner

Key competences in the management team (2 days)

Take a detailed look at salutogenic and healthy leadership and get inspired by different leadership systems.

a) Mindful Leadership
b) Using leadership styles and systems as inspiration
c) Strengthening intercultural understanding
d) Generation management
e) Salutogenesis and healthy leadership
f) Inspiration and design in everyday leadership

Ensure sustainable performance (2 days)

You will learn about the importance of healthy workforce performance and receive inputs for strategic and sustainable implementation in your company.

a) Facts about health-preserving working conditions
b) Health & performance in leadership behavior
c) Psychological safety
d) promote and maintain healthy performance in the long term
e) Plan and implement prevention strategically
f) Anchoring sustainable performance structurally

Rethinking corporate management (2 days)

Immerse yourself in the diversity of business management and gain new perspectives through active changes of perspective.

a) What do I and my company stand for – a reflection
b) Corporate management of the new era
c) Mindful and inspiring leadership culture
d) Resilience management and dynamic stability
e) Tension between agility and hierarchy
f) Rethinking one’s own corporate management through a change of perspective

The healthy company (2 days)

Learn about factors for health-preserving working conditions for a healthy company and deal with suitable key figures/indicators for measurement.

a) Health management and its importance
b) Actively practiced health culture as a key success factor
c) With mindfulness and strategic intuition to long-term success
d) relevant stakeholders and organizational structures
e) Measuring healthy leadership / Controlling / ROI
f) The role of management for a healthy company

Continuing Education Board of Directors | Boardroom Mindful Leadership

Structure of the continuing education

The modules are divided into seven interconnecting topics and are each taught over one to two days in an interactive setting and with appropriate teaching materials.

Each module is a self-contained powerhouse of knowledge and experience and introduces you to the relevant leadership topic. Nevertheless, the modules of the course are logically built on each other and are supported by practical examples, methodologically guided exercises and valid research results.


12./13. January 2024
8./9. March 2024
12./13. April 2024
17./18. May 2024
07./08. June 2024
30./31. August 2024
20./21. September 2024 (presentation of concepts and conclusion)
20./21. September 2024 (start of course)
25./26. October 2024
06./07. December 2024
10./11. January 2025
21./22. February 2025
14./15. March 2025
25./26. April 2025 (Presentation of concepts/projects and conclusion)

Cost: CHF 6’850.–

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Educational course director

Fabienne Wullschleger

Education Course Director Cert. Member of the Executive Board

I am an open, curious, humorous and positive lateral thinker through and through. During the years of my life so far, I have been able to take along many valuable experiences, both professional and personal, which have filled my rucksack with personal life experience and also high expert knowledge.

My enthusiasm and admiration have always been for people and their health. The focus is on the questions of what keeps people healthy and how can people remain sustainably healthy and productive in the modern working world? And what can the business community do to help?

For more than 20 years I have been working in different functions as an expert for prevention, health and sustainable performance. After about 10 years in the rehabilitation field – specializing in cardiac and psychosomatic (including burnout) patients – I moved to the private sector. In the process, I have furthered my education in the areas of prevention, BGM, coaching, consulting and business management, thus enriching my wealth of experience and expert knowledge. For many years I have been working in HR in a leading position at one of the largest private Swiss employers and have been actively contributing my “know how” and my operational as well as strategic skills successfully. I accompany and advise leaders and members of management in strategic topics of HR, corporate health management, diversity & inclusion and lead different projects, workshops and trainings for leaders, for a healthy working environment.

I enjoy dealing with different people at various levels of the hierarchy, up to and including management. My creative drive and my urge to make a difference always lead me to exciting and novel ideas, which I introduce, represent and implement with passion.

Based on my activities and experience, I know exactly how business leaders function, which key competencies create added value and how these contribute to increased business success in today’s ambiguous business world.

My vocation to accompany and empower people and companies on their way to a more human economy and to bring them closer to the 6th sense – intuition – again, fulfills me very much. I am happy to continue to be inspired by people, companies and their stories and am open, full of curiosity and joy, for an exciting future, where experiences are put into action.

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