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Cert. Member of the Board of Directors

Continuing Education Course – Cert. Member of the Board of Directors

As the highest management body, you have a significant share in the successful development of the company. Together with the management, you develop and adapt the strategy, exemplify the culture of the company and, based on this, shape the future of the company with the entire workforce. It is important to take into account the rapidly changing, diverse environment with its numerous stakeholders who have different and sometimes even conflicting interests. This is important in order to be able to compete tomorrow. The steering committee is therefore much more about actively shaping and keeping its finger on the pulse of the times than about administration. We live in a so-called VUCA world; drastic changes are continuously forcing us to realign our compass and we need to take our organisation with us on this transformative journey. Steady times seem to be a thing of the past in today’s ambiguous information society; constant challenges as well as changes are now part of everyday business life.

Also as a board member, these challenging times demand exceptional (personal) growth and a mindset that can deal with resistance and promote companies as a learning environment for a passionate (pioneer) culture.

The rapidly changing crises of an economic, geopolitical and other nature increase the pressure on management bodies to come up with new ways of thinking and approaching them. How can the emerging megatrends be broken down and integrated into everyday business life? How to act purposefully in transformation processes in order to find sustainable answers to digitalisation, shortage of skilled workers, generation issues, social change, etc.

Through new perspectives, you will receive various inspirations for a healthy self in this further training,
Team and organisational leadership, as a basis for the function of the board of directors in the new era and for a sustainably successful company.

You learn and experience how you can transfer this potential into everyday business life and influence your future in a self-determined way by “doing”.

In each module, a leader will give insights from his or her everyday professional life, share his or her experiences in relation to the respective topic area, provide stimulating impulses and be available for dialogue.

Benefits for you and the company

  • Obtain a holistic overview of board activities with a focus on current issues
  • Interacting effectively with management – roles / boundaries / communication / etc.
  • Reflecting on culture and strategy and how they influence each other, as well as structure and organisation for their implementation
  • Acquiring the key competence of authentic and intuitive leadership
  • Self-reflective and intuitively strong board members for a healthy, resilient and successful company of the new age
  • Adequately composed management, healthy workforce and well-functioning teams
  • New inspiration for business management through different perspectives and self-reflection
  • Sustainable transfer of knowledge to the Board of Directors, broadening the range of solutions and options for action
  • Increasing the healthy performance and success of the company in order to sustainably position itself among the best in the industry
  • Leaders share their experiences from a rich practice from different industries and functions, give impulses and are available for exchange

“If you want to do justice to your leadership role, you must have enough sense to assign the tasks to the right people – and enough self-discipline not to mess with your handiwork.” (Theodore Roosevelt)

Further education Board of Directors

You can expect these topic modules as a Cert. Board member during your training

Board of Directors today and tomorrow – actively shaping instead of administering (1 day)

As the highest governing body, it is the non-delegable task to set the strategic direction and ensure its implementation with the committed management. Today’s environment requires agile manoeuvring to identify and control risks and turn opportunities into successes.

  1. Overview of the indivisible tasks of the Board of Directors
  2. Considerations on the effective composition of the board and its role in the governance of different types and forms of companies
  3. Requirements for modern governing bodies to further develop the organisation and to be up to the challenges that arise
  4. Leadership skills of the top management team and leadership of managers
  5. How does the board of directors organise itself and work purposefully in a dynamic world?

Communication as a key competence (1 day)

Learn to understand and use communication as a key competence within the three corporate levels “ego level”, “team level” and “organisational level”.

  1. Authentic communication and active listening/appreciation account
  2. Internal vs. external communication – Reputation management
  3. Communication in crisis and conflict situations and during change processes
  4. Communication concept in the company

Corporate culture as a multiplier for success (1 day)

With the famous phrase “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, Peter Drucker wanted to express that corporate culture should be given more attention and focus. Vision, mission, guiding principles, values and strategy are closely interrelated with corporate culture.

  1. Understand the importance of corporate culture and its influence on the well-being and thus also the motivation of employees
  2. What inner values and norms are reflected in the company’s philosophy and principles, how is culture lived out in everyday work?
  3. Different models of corporate culture
  4. How do we deal with each other in the company, how do we ensure open, respectful and fair dealings with each other?
  5. Measures to further develop the corporate culture in order to survive constant change and remain attractive as an employer

The power of collective knowledge (1 day)

Collective knowledge forms the basis of a company. The existing potential should be brought to full fruition and made visible. The aim is to create a climate in which knowledge is shared, employees and teams motivate each other and rejoice in their achievements. The company should be able to permanently develop as a whole system and organisation with a view to the strategic goals and their implementation.

  1. Understanding the world of work as a world of learning – every employee contributes to the company’s success with his or her skills and their further development
  2. Expand competences through further training and the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of the company and to increase the satisfaction and resilience of the employees
  3. Create a culture of continuous improvement and experimentation – Promote innovative action and thinking
  4. Different disciplines of a learning organisational culture and how a learning organisation can differentiate itself

Understanding self-leadership as corporate leadership (1 day)

You reflect on your personal self-leadership and your own values and motives and derive from this your further potential for healthy (self-)leadership.

  1. Self-leadership competence and personal leadership motivation / understanding
  2. Key factors for successful self-leadership
  3. Values and beliefs in relationship building

Strategic Intuition – Self Empowerment (1 day)

What is intuition, what is strategy, and what is strategic intuition? How can these be used successfully for the company? What role does intuition play in strategic leadership and key decision-making? In this module you will find answers.

  1. Know and strengthen personal intuition
  2. Develop a resilient attitude and stay mentally fit
  3. Emotion management
  4. Mindfulness and empathy in day-to-day leadership
  5. Strategy and intuition in everyday work
  6. Using strategic intuition in a targeted and successful way

The healthy, successful company (1 day)

Learn about factors for health-sustaining working conditions for a vital company and deal with suitable key figures/ indicators for measurement.

  1. Health management and its importance
  2. Active health culture as a key success factor
  3. With mindfulness and strategic intuition to long-term success
  4. Relevant stakeholders and organisational structure
  5. Measuring healthy leadership / Controlling / ROI
  6. The role of management for a healthy company

Ensure sustainable performance (1 day)

They learn about the importance of healthy workforce performance and receive inputs for strategic and sustainable implementation in their company.

  1. Facts on health-sustaining working conditions
  2. Health & Performance in Leadership Behaviour
  3. Psychological safety
  4. Promote and maintain healthy performance in the long term
  5. Plan and implement prevention strategically
  6. Anchor sustainable performance structurally

Key competences in the management team (2 days)

Take a detailed look at salutogenic and healthy leadership and get inspired by different leadership systems.

  1. Mindful Leadership
  2. Use leadership styles and systems as inspiration
  3. Strengthen intercultural understanding
  4. Generation management
  5. Salutogenesis and healthy leadership
  6. Inspiration and design in everyday leadership

Rethinking corporate management (2 days)

Immerse yourself in the diversity of business management and gain new perspectives through active changes of perspective.

  1. What do I and my company stand for – a reflection
  2. Corporate governance of the new era
  3. Mindful and inspiring leadership culture
  4. Resilience management and dynamic stability
  5. Tension between agility and hierarchy
  6. Rethinking one’s own corporate governance through a change of perspective
Continuing Education Board of Directors | Boardroom Mindful Leadership

Structure of the continuing education

The modules are divided into ten interconnecting topics and are each taught over one to two days in an interactive setting and with corresponding teaching materials.

Each module is a self-contained powerhouse of knowledge and experience and introduces you to the relevant leadership topic. Nevertheless, the modules of the course are logically built on each other and are supported by practical examples, methodically guided exercises and valid research results as well as impulses from and exchange with experienced personalities.


Thursday/ Friday 26/27 September 2024

Thursday/ Friday 14/15 November 2024

Thursday/ Friday 16/17 January 2025

Thursday/ Friday 13/14 March 2025

Thursday/ Friday 8/9 May 2025

Thursday/Friday 12/13 June 2025

Thursday/ Friday 28/29 August 2025 (presentation of concepts and conclusion)


Cost: CHF 6’950.–

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Educational course Head

Marc Klingelfuss

Education Course Head Cert. Member of the Board of Directors

I realised early on that it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to achieve something together with other people. To take responsibility for oneself and others, to guide and motivate people entrusted to one’s care in a wide variety of circumstances and situations, and to lead by example as much as possible.

Achieving challenging goals with diverse teams has always been a great motivation and still satisfies me today, both professionally and in civil society engagements. I completed the “classic” parallel officer and bank career for my time with corresponding leadership training and benefited mutually from it. For more than three decades, I was fascinated by corporate finance, with detours into the Anglo-Saxon world. This allowed me to gain insights into companies from diverse industries and work with management towards successful transactions in the capital and M&A market. In order to acquire the necessary “know-how” for future board mandates, I completed the CAS in General Management for Board Members of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs in 2017 and the ZfU Board Seminar Advanced in the same year. This was supplemented in 2019 by a specialisation module for foundation boards at the University of Bern.

In addition to expanding my knowledge, this also enabled me to expand my network in the area of unlisted SMEs in Switzerland. Since leaving my banking career – most recently as Managing Director in Wealth Management / Capital Advisory at a private bank – in 2022, I have been enthusiastically involved in entrepreneurial activities; since 2021, I have been acting as a member of the board of directors of a listed Swiss energy supply company in the solar sector as well as in several start-up companies. I also continue to provide selective advice and project support in the areas of corporate finance and acquisitions. I am also currently expanding my horizons with an MAS in Applied History at the University of Zurich – as we all know, you never stop learning and valuable network effects often arise where you don’t expect them.