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Cert. Holistic und Mindful Leader

Through executive mentoring/coaching you create the basis for the Cert. Holistic and Mindful Leader and experience and learn the necessary prerequisites and competences to survive in the challenging VUCA world. With the environment changing at an ever faster pace, the increase in perceived pressures means that you are better able to cope and learn responses to the wider range of demands.

The following training and development courses are based on the latest understanding of leadership and also promote your resilience as an important prerequisite for you as a manager in today’s world. The focus of the training is on building crucial leadership skills; the ability to self-direct and be clear about one’s own decisions and actions.

Today, crises can arise without warning and these upheavals require an adaptive formation of opinion in order to adjust to the new framework conditions. This process is supported by valid research results and allows you to set the necessary growth impulses for yourself and the company.

The training closes the gap between the lived position and one’s own potential and available resources in order to achieve the desired effect of a sustainable increase in performance for you and the company.

With the proof of competence leading to your internationally recognised certificate, you legitimise your leadership activity with acquired skills as Cert. Holistic and Mindful Leader professionally in the desired direction.

Cert. Holistic und Mindful Leader

Benefits for you and the company

  • More efficient and effective cooperation by saving time and reducing the wear and tear on resources
  • Networked thinking and increasing resilience at all levels of the company
  • Development of one’s own identity. Using the power of authenticity to work out the connecting points in the company to expand the options for action.
  • Acquiring the key competence of consciously using perception for better business performance
  • Harnessing the power of collective knowledge for you and the enterprise
  • Increasing productivity and business performance

You can expect these topic modules as a Cert. Holistic and Mindful Leaders during your training

Communication as a leadership competence

Learn to understand and use communication as a key competence within the three corporate levels “ego level; team level and organisational level”.

  • Basics of communication
  • Active listening/appreciation account
  • Communication concept in the company
  • Understanding authentic communication
  • Communication in conflict situations
  • Communication in change processes

Perceptual competence

You will recognise your drivers, your unconscious biases, what makes you feel satisfied and how to incorporate the conscious use of perception into your leadership. Learn to use awareness to increase resilience and well-being and align your inner attitude with your values.

  • Meaningful work, meaningful life
  • Self-Compassion
  • Psyche and consciousness
  • Wellbeing and stress
  • Optimize inner attitude
  • What are my resources?
Cert. Holistic und Mindful Leader

Self-leadership competence

You understand your self-efficacy and learn how to deal with polarities and your own perception and can use them for yourself and the success of the company.

  • What are the reasons why managers fail?
  • Management und Leadership
  • Skyscraper model – What constitutes resilience?
  • Develop the courage to act in a self-determined way
  • Understand the benefits for yourself and the company
  • Authenticity as a leadership competence

Mindful leadership competence

Learn the basics of mindful leadership and understand how to use them in a business context and for your position.

  • Key competence for leadership
  • Ethics as the basis of humane leadership
  • Effectiveness of mindful leadership
  • Individual strengths become collective weaknesses
  • Dealing with dilemmas
  • Cultural analysis – how does a community of values emerge?

Team – the power of collective knowledge

Learn to understand the importance of leadership teams and teams in general and to know and use their interlocking mechanisms for a measurable contribution to the success of the company.

  • PAID Reality
  • The world is created in the mind
  • Understanding the Mindfulness Matrix in a Team Context
  • Team development and understanding the resilience field
  • Promoting mindfulness in teams
  • Personal mission – how do you keep a process going?
Cert. Holistic und Mindful Leader

Understanding enterprise as a learning world

Experience understanding the importance of business in today’s world and learn how achieving goals is possible in a world with shorter cycles. Learn the necessary adaptations of the future leadership culture and use this for your company.

  • VUCA world; challenges of the company in today’s world
  • Leadership or Luck?
  • Leadership and staff development
  • Transformation as an opportunity in today’s world
  • Developing a common picture
  • Talent acquisition and retention
Cert. Holistic und Mindful Leader

This is how your education works

The six modules are divided into six interconnecting topics and are each taught over two days in an interactive setting and with corresponding teaching materials.

Each module is a self-contained powerhouse of knowledge and experience and introduces you to the relevant leadership topic. Nevertheless, the modules of the course are logically built on each other and are supported by practical examples, methodologically guided exercises and valid research results.

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25./26. Januar 2024 (Start next course)
21./22. March 2024
18./19. April 2024
16./17. May 2024
20./21. June 2024
29./30. August 2024
27. September 2024 (Presentation of concepts/projects)
29/30 August 2024 (start of course)
19/20 September 2024
24/25 October 2024
21/22 November 2024
19/20 Dezember 2024
23/24 January 2025
6/7 March 2025 (presentation of concepts/projects and conclusion)

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