Coaching package – how to support your continuing education in a goal-oriented way!

Roger Weber and Remo Maurer support you with our “Coaching Package” with three coaching units and a personality test

Self-leadership is an important prerequisite for “doing” and facing challenges in a self-determined and resource-oriented way. Our coaching package not only supports this process, but additionally creates a solid basis of self-knowledge for your further education.

For your further education and to strengthen your self-leadership skills, we recommend that you book our coaching package of CHF 900.–, which includes three coaching sessions and a personality test.

To support the coaching units we work with the following two tests

  • Bochum Inventory for the Job-Related Personality Description

Interdisciplinary competences are a significant determinant of professional success. With a total of 17 dimensions, personal aptitude requirements such as work behaviour (conscientiousness, flexibility, action orientation, analysis orientation), professional orientation (achievement motivation, design motivation, leadership motivation, competition orientation) and social skills (sensitivity, sociability, team orientation, assertiveness, enthusiasm) are recorded as well as mental constitution (emotional stability, resilience, self-confidence).


The questionnaire makes it possible to create a comprehensive and detailed profile of the personality. It is aimed at people who want to get to know the structure of their personality, i.e. their typical behaviour, experience and attitudes.

Here you can book the training directly online