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Dipl. Executive Mentor (Federal Diploma in Business Mentoring / Coach SCA)

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Education with the option of preparing for the recognised certificate of professional competence (Federal Diploma) Mentor / Coach SCA

A key success factor for stable companies lies in their dynamic potential. What seems like a contradiction at first glance is increasingly turning into a new paradigm.

Holistically managed companies can adapt to completely unexpected situations in a very short time and are able to carry out a mindful change process even in times of crisis.

Never before has a company’s values been so important as in this fast-moving world. And never before have coaches and mentors been so relevant to maintaining and promoting “human capital”.

Change brings with it a multitude of uncertainties, especially when its effects are felt on a personal level as much as on a structural level. Leadership must adapt in the same way and become more individual, agile, integral and transformational.

This is where the value of holistic mentoring becomes apparent. Executive mentors can draw on a diverse portfolio of tools and methods in their mentoring concepts. Your interventions are based on effective models and involve different factors for self-empowerment and empowerment:

Mindset: From a problem focus, which often dominates the mindset at the beginning of a change, clients develop a positive mindset in challenging situations. You strengthen your values and find your new purpose of business.

Change of perspective: Clients learn to look at a situation multidimensionally and by including different points of view. This opens up new insights and expands the spectrum of options for action. In addition, the feeling of empathy increases and the willingness to also integrate the needs of others into a solution increases.

Resource promotion and maintenance: Awareness of one’s own strengths and resources promotes the willingness to dare new things and to grow through challenges. Existing know-how should not be lost, but transformed to the level of the new corporate world.

Cultural agility: Internalising new agile mindsets and values is a process that calls for professional mentoring. A positive error culture, an appreciative sense of responsibility and an attitude of trust are key factors in this.

Empowerment: The redesigned FA Mentor course is based on additional competences that are experienced and learned. One knows the important interlocking mechanisms of how to empower employees, leaders or teams in finding solutions and expanding options for action. It is part of the cultural development of a company. Self-management and a self-directed learning and development culture belong more than ever in this impulse programme.

Dipl. Executive Mentor

You can expect these topic modules as an Executive Mentor* during your training

Communication: Non-violent communication, conflict communication, values-based communication, holistic conversation management
Holistic Leadership: Meaning-based leadership, agility, empowerment, mindset, resource management
Integral coaching: Need & issue exploration, goal clarification, resource activation, change of perspective, solution finding
Leader Lifecycle: Career coaching, purpose coaching, the first 100 days as a leader, after peak leadership, succession planning, change management
Executive Coaching: Resilience coaching, stress & burnout coaching, business modelling, project coaching
New Work: Transformational leadership, culture change, team change, agility in action, home office, digitalisation

As a holistic mentor, you also know how to accompany your clients in needs and questions that go beyond the professional field. In this course you will deal with systemic issues in teams and organisations as well as with aspects of organisational psychology.

Your are able to design selective interventions for acute issues and to develop a support concept for process-oriented issues.

To give you the security you need to pass successfully the federal examinations for the occupational mentor certificate, we will train you in all the elements of the examination and strengthen your self-confidence so that you can present yourself at the examination in accordance with your competences.

Your personal development process, which is an integral part of your federal diploma as an Mentor/Coach SCA, you will experience in an unparalleled empowerment retreat.

Benefit from this unique executive-level mentor training with the option of subject funding from the federal government. Up to 50% of your training costs are covered by the federal government through subject funding.

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Dipl. Executive Mentor




08./09. September 2023 12./13. January 2024 10./11. January 2025
06./07. October 2023 02./03. February 2024
10./11. November 2023 04.-08. March 2024 (5 days)
08./09. December 2023 05./06. April 2024
03./04. May 2024
07./08. June 2024
05./06. July 2024
23./24. August 2024
20./21. September 2024
25./26. October 2024
15./16. November 2024
13./14. December 2024

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