What must executive or leadership training include?

In a service society, employees are the social capital and form the basis of every company through collective knowledge. It is a community of values that contributes to the successful effectiveness of the company and promises sustainable, as well as quantitative and qualitative success for the future.

It is therefore important that companies pay more attention to executive coaching for women leaders. Such coaching units ultimately address the expanded resources of all employees within a company in methodologically guided processes and cover a broad spectrum of topics during the professionally guided accompaniment, such as relationship structures, self-management skills, “work/family balance” and understanding and using one’s own beliefs and values.

We have observed that when dealing with this topic, most companies rely on lectures and trainings that reflect the zeitgeist jargon of management books and do not take into account their own specific circumstances and company culture. Our holistic approach paves the way for the existing resources and talents to bear fruit and make a significant contribution to the success of the company.

It is understanding the importance of business in today’s world and learning how to achieve goals in a world with shorter cycles and a more complex and ambiguous environment.

Our training and further education programmes for leaders and future leaders are geared towards the new requirements of leaders. Experience, knowledge and new ways of thinking are imparted in a practical way in a process of self-awareness and empowers participants not only to expand trading options, but also to self-determine new and own ways within the corporate vision in terms of corporate goals and values.

Answers to the ever-increasing complexity of the world of work are sought in a wide variety of further training or health management programmes, which today, however, can only cover the needs of an ambiguous digital society to a limited extent. More and more, successful companies are using the approaches of ethical and mindful leadership, which focuses on appreciative communication and reintegrates the individual into teams or the whole organisation. The emergence of this value culture enables sustainable and meaningful corporate success.

The training and development courses are based on the latest understanding of leadership and also promote resilience as an important prerequisite for all managers today. The focus of the training is on building crucial leadership skills; the ability to self-direct and be clear about one’s own decisions and actions. Knowledge is transformed into experience and the necessary steps of consciousness for the desired change occur through “doing”.

Today, crises can arise without warning and these upheavals require an adaptive formation of opinion in order to adjust to the new framework conditions. This process is supported by valid research results and allows to set the necessary growth impulses for oneself and the company.

We close the gap between the lived position and one’s own potential and available resources in order to achieve the desired effect of a sustainable increase in performance for oneself and the company.