What is the added value of tailor-made mentoring programmes and why are they important for every company?

It is a relationship based on trust between a responsible and mindful person who, also from experience and training, understands the business challenges of the “mentee” and accompanies him or her through process-oriented work in such a way that the personal goals and the goals of a company are achieved in a goal-promoting way. In this form of support, the “mentee” is supported in such a way that, through better self-leadership skills, the targeted goals and solution ideas are not only better understood, but are also approached in a constructive way by “doing”.

In a service society, employees are the social capital and form the basis of every company through collective knowledge. It is a community of values that contributes to the successful effectiveness of the company and promises sustainable, as well as quantitative and qualitative success for the future.

Some companies started to integrate such programmes into their corporate culture a long time ago. We have found that certain companies do not have the resources, time or knowledge of such programmes, but would like to use external companies to help them support and guide leaders and emerging leaders in their challenges and personal development.

These are situations where we can help with our tailor-made mentoring programmes to make the collective knowledge visible and thus create a qualitative as well as a quantitative added value for the company. Companies can thus benefit from our many years of experience and knowledge in order to utilise the potential of their employees for the company. Through such programmes, wonderful success stories can emerge and the company experiences a clear increase in performance over time and a movement in the desired direction.

Accompanying persons in our programmes thus understand the importance of leadership, leadership teams and teams in general and experience their interlocking mechanisms that contribute measurably to operational success.

The mentees experience more about their self-leadership skills in practice-oriented encounters and are able to place their own perception and reality in the company context. Especially young diamonds in the rough can give their own developments their own and authentic polish. This creates a beneficial interaction between a company and its employees with additional and valuable impulses.

Mentoring programmes for executives and leaders promote entrepreneurial behaviour while taking into account the further development of social and leadership skills, which has a positive impact on the company in a sustainable form.

It is working out one’s own identity, understanding the power of authenticity and by creating a mental balance, working out connecting points to and within a company. It results in stress reduction through mindfulness and change of perspective for broadening the thinking frame and prevents adaptation of negative leadership traits.

Mentoring programmes are dynamic processes and allow leaders and emerging leaders to become mindful yet success-oriented employees.

Such mentoring programmes can also be woven into management days or “off-site” meetings. Through continuous support and the transfer of knowledge into the company, the process and the change can be kept up and constructive impulses are not lost.

Such programmes are congruent with corporate goals and guarantee a sustainable and success-oriented positioning in this uncertain and complex business world.