Thoughts on the latest study by Travailsuisse on stress and job changes

The latest study by Travailsuisse shows that 650,000 employees are considering a job change because of excessive stress. The shortage of skilled workers is stressing employers and employees alike. The patrons, because they are having more and more trouble filling vacant positions. Their employees, because the gaps in staff have increased stress and workload.

Leadership models are being put to the test and should be aligned with the quality of time in this phase of upheaval with regard to the idea of work.

Holistic leadership creates a distinct “we-feeling” and a common understanding of meaning (value culture), which welds the whole company together. Mindful leaders are more creative and can use their emotional intelligence in transformational processes. It is a connection with an intuition that is able to analyse situations quickly and offer solutions based on the experience gained.

Today’s literature on the leader of tomorrow is very diverse and the terminology is very similar. How can we close the gap between individual mindfulness and organisational transformation processes?

The common denominator is found in “doing” and can ultimately only be overcome through action, since only through action can something new be brought into the world.

We know from research that our daily thoughts are very much preoccupied with the past. Quantum physics describes how consciousness creates reality and this would mean that we keep creating the future from our past. It’s not about devaluing the old. There are many old and many wisdom traditions which we should keep and remember. It is more about perceiving with an alert eye what shows up in the world in all its individual parts and facets, to feel into it and to connect with it. In wholeness we understand who we want to be and what our deeper intention is.

In this way, it is possible to bring something new into the world and not just reel off the old familiar patterns of the past. Holistic leadership is a way to bring something new into the world. The future is not simply predictable, otherwise we would already be living it based on our wishes and ideas.

As a leader, one should place one’s own expectations in a natural context and also sometimes dare to say: “I don’t know yet” – without wanting to present a solution immediately at the first impulse and inner pressure. Mindfulness helps to relax this tension and still remain capable of action and goal-oriented.

This creates movement, gives positive orientation and increases the sphere of action in the “doing”. A sphere of influence that spreads throughout the company and creates a resilient organisation, in which the economic benefits clearly become visible in the medium and long term and ensure the sustainability of the system.

Various studies have shown that mindful, holistic leadership

  • Clarity and insightfulness
  • Consciously experiencing the present and enabling conscientious and purposeful action through the expanded spectrum of possibilities for action
  • Increasing resilience at all levels of the company
  • Networked thinking
  • Self-regulation and impulse control (minimising distractions)
  • Decrease of negative strategies
  • Recognise the importance of “Digital Detox” for stress reduction
  • Recognise the importance of optimal workplace design

supports and promotes.

A holistic way of thinking is part of our academy’s value system and is reflected in all our offers and services and is tailor-made for the key competences of the new leadership culture.

This creates a sustainable anchoring within the corporate culture, which also has a positive effect on the company’s success.

“The best leader is the one whose existence is not noticed. When the work of the best leader is done, people say: “We did that ourselves”.