Smart company management means not only mastering the present, but also actively shaping the future, and this also includes mentoring and strategic support in succession planning. When entrepreneurs plan their succession strategically and at an early stage, they lay the foundations for long-term business success.

Supporting the succession of a company is a decisive step for the long-term success and continuity of the business. It is not only about finding the right successor, but also about ensuring that the transition is smooth and that the company’s vision and values are preserved. Mentoring plays a key role here, as mentors help to open up new perspectives and identify alternative solutions. Through the exchange with a mentor, the entrepreneur can not only broaden the scope of thinking and discover new approaches, but complex situations can also be tackled and solved. In this way, potential difficulties can be overcome, mistakes avoided and the desired future realised. It also makes sense to involve a mentor when succession is being organised within the family.

A mentor can also help to identify and develop the individual skills and strengths of the potential successor. Through regular discussions, coaching and feedback, the mentor supports the successor in familiarising themselves with their new role and acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge. In addition, a mentor can also help to recognise and overcome potential challenges and obstacles at an early stage.

Mentors can help resolve conflicts and problems related to succession planning by acting as neutral mediators and helping to clarify misunderstandings, solve communication problems and find compromises that are acceptable to all parties involved. Succession planning can be an emotionally stressful time for the current owner and potential successors. Mentors can help provide emotional support and encouragement by sharing their own experiences, talking to those involved about their concerns and fears, and helping them deal with the challenges and uncertainties associated with succession planning.

Smart company management means planning the succession early and strategically and ensuring that the transition is smooth. This requires not only the selection of a suitable successor (also applies to succession within the family), but also support and guidance throughout the entire process. Experience has shown that you should not shy away from initiating this process at an early stage in order to prepare yourself accordingly and sharpen your mindset for this step.