Upheavals and changes, some of which have an external impact on the daily management routine, are breaking points that are full of opportunities. Strategy changes in response to crises do not work properly, are flawed and have not brought sustainable calm to the system. The prospects of success have also not materialised as expected and attempts are made to patch up what is not wanted or unexpected with the same models and approaches.

The EU Commission has proclaimed 2023 as the Year of Competences. The focus should be on the labour market and labour market-relevant competences should be promoted and strengthened through education and training. There are many good things in the various media releases to further promote people’s talents and to keep innovation and research power high. Due to the labour market situation and the analysed competences, a predetermined breaking point, caused by past decisions, has arisen that needs to be corrected and addressed. Personal development is also to be encouraged and it is to be hoped that the billion-dollar investment programme will not miss its mark and that the intended goals will be achieved.

Although not welcome in business, breaking points are moments of reflection to rethink one’s own self-leadership competencies and, by changing one’s attitude, to follow different, complementary paths in leadership that have been proven to have a positive impact on productivity and success outcomes. We find ourselves in an extraordinary time of upheaval and radical change, which also demands extraordinary things from managers. How do you act purposefully in transformation processes in order to find sustainable answers to digitalisation, shortage of skilled workers, generational issues, etc.?

Through the “awareness” (change of perspective) of perception and observation, the inner attitude can change in a mindful way. Metacognition promotes clarity, innovation and brings the unexpected to light in a creative process. It is learning the skills needed to help shape the future. Use the Year of Competences and the reflection window to go into “doing”.