The recent article in KMU_today of 1 March 2023 looked at the question and its aspects of why over-fifties are dismissed more often than employees of other age groups. “Arc careers” only work to a limited extent, meaning that if older workers would accept a low wage, there is a bias in this regard in terms of their loyalty, although younger workers would often switch after only two or three years according to the article.

Commitment, values and role models for older people are put to the test and require further sensitisation to the topic of understanding “companies as learning worlds” and how target-oriented context control can succeed.

Collective knowledge forms the basis of a company and the existing potential of social capital is still not fully utilised and made visible. Reflections and context steering ensure the sustainability of a company and steer it towards a desirable and purposeful future. What can leaders themselves contribute in this period of upheaval or as yet unfulfilled promises of diversity and inclusion?

From our observation, this situation of “what next?” also affects more and more older leaders or, in the best case, sensitises older leaders to rediscover their ability to lead themselves and to be clear about their decisions. Looking at the current situation can be done from both sides with regard to the current situation and promises a chance to go the desired and self-determined way.

How do leaders manage to maintain perspective on life in a more complex and ambiguous world or re-align their own mental compass in a self-determined way? Often in the age between mid-thirties and fifties, we are busy organising our careers and providing the necessities for the family, so less attention is paid to our own needs and possibilities.

What about our own life plan and which priorities should be set anew or differently? With our “Vision Peak – Programmes” we support and accompany leaders who want to realign themselves and who, by entering their own growth zone, can experience new impulses and perspectives for successful change. Be it for further career development or simply for experiencing a coherent attitude for the realisation of the life plan.