Much experienced…much achieved…arrived at the top and how now?

Do you know the situation where you want to rediscover your spiritual and mental compass and ask yourselve the question of meaning? Often in the age between mid-thirties and fifties, we are busy organizing our careers and providing the necessities for the family. What about our own life plan and the question of a successful life? In our own spiritual-emotional development, we have become careless and have set priorities differently, asking ourselves if it should go on like this and what are the ambitions of my self-realization. We are looking for a perspective on life based on sustainability and would like to explore the most diverse areas of life and leave our mark.

Answers to the increasingly complex world of work have been sought in a multitude of further training or health management programmes, but today these can only cover the needs of a confusing digital society to a limited extent. The personal agility required demands constant training in order to be able to take the pressure off in critical situations and face unfamiliar situations. It is about the ability to lead oneself and to be clear about these decisions.

Aim of the programme

In order to offer them the opportunity to rediscover their inner compass, to bring new qualities into your everyday leadership or even to realign the desired path, we have developed the “Vision Peak” programme.

Benefits for you and the company

  • Dealing with decreasing predictability
  • The signal boxes know what my life is like
  • Recognising a beneficial attitude that difficulties, just like success, have a meaning
  • Increasing one’s own awareness and resilience
  • Learning dynamism and agility to cope with surprising crises
  • Experiencing mindfulness and the options for action for a
    live a meaningful life

The six thematic fields of the programme

  • Unterstanding where you stand
  • Self-leadership
  • Vision Design
  • Leaving footprints
  • Into the growth zone
  • Successful life

Through new perspectives, you will learn more about yourself and empower yourself to learn to live a self-determined and meaningful life in a transformative way and to implement what you have learned in the desired direction in your everyday life or leadership position.