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Understanding enterprise as a learning world

In the last two years, the rapid acceleration of our world has become very apparent. Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, the changes in social developments and the Ukraine conflict, the nature of cooperation at the economic level has changed significantly. Dependencies and supply chains are being reviewed, central banks are at odds over the development of inflation and decentralised management during the “lock down” are just a few examples of how not only the “customer touch points” but also entire business models have changed. Change is visible and tangible and requires evolved leadership in an ambiguous and more volatile world. The urgency of change is indicated. The question is how companies can maintain employees’ identification with the company and create the framework for a mindful organisational culture and communication.

Answers to the ever-growing complexity of the world of work were sought in a wide variety of further training or health management programmes, but today these can only cover the needs of an ambiguous digital society to a limited extent. More and more, successful companies are using the approaches of ethical and mindful leadership, which focuses on appreciative communication and reintegrates the individual into teams or the whole organisation. The emergence of this value culture enables sustainable and meaningful corporate success.

Aim of the module

Understanding the importance of business in today’s world and learning how to achieve goals in a world with shorter cycles. Understand the necessary adaptations of the future leadership culture and use them for the company.

Benefits for you and the company

In transformative phases or cycles, the following attitudes ensure the sustainability and success of the company:

  • Understanding transformation as an opportunity and aligning with the market in a targeted manner
  • Understanding how mindfulness changes a purposeful corporate culture and identification (loyalty)
  • Establishing a well-functioning dialogue structure/culture promotes the wear and tear on resources
  • Being able to react flexibly, but still in a self-determined way to the unexpected
  • Increasing productivity and business performance as a whole

The six thematic fields of the module

  • VUCA world – challenges of the company in today’s world
  • Leadership or Luck?
  • Leadership and staff development
  • Transformation as an opportunity in today’s world
  • Developing a common picture
  • Talent acquisition and retention

In a service society, employees are the social capital and form the basis of every company through collective knowledge. It is a community of values that contributes to the successful effectiveness of the company and promises sustainable, as well as quantitative and qualitative success for the future.