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Communication as a leadership competence

Communication (Latin communicatio ‘communication’) is of central importance in every organisation and represents a key function for corporate success. It is the exchange or transmission of information between people using a variety of channels. It is the exchange or transmission of information between people using a variety of channels. Employees and teams form an image of the organisation that is either inspiring or rather negative. The exchange of ideas, expectations and needs influences the shaping of the future and shared images or stories can emerge, creating the space to think through a wide range of possibilities and shape the future they would like to be in and belong to.

Answers to the increasingly complex world of work have been sought in a multitude of further training or health management programmes, but today these can only cover the needs of a confusing digital society to a limited extent. More and more, successful companies are using the approaches of ethical and mindful leadership, which focuses on appreciative communication and reintegrates the individual into teams or the entire organization. The emergence of this value culture enables sustainable and meaningful corporate success.

Aim of the module

To understand and use communication as a key competence within the three levels of the company “ego level; team level and organisational level”.

Benefits for you and the company

Making use of collective knowledge; saving time by mitigating a waste of resources; providing new perspectives to the constructs of perception in order to create the framework for sustainable business success.

Further advantages of successful communication for companies and their employees:

  • More efficient and effective cooperation
  • quick and satisfactory solutions to conflicts
  • Strengthening mutual understanding
  • Strengthening mutual support and trust
  • Clearer work assignments and better decision-making communication
  • less misunderstandings
  • Higher motivation of employees for service delivery

The six thematic fields of the module

  • Basics of communication
  • Active listening / appreciation account
  • Communication concept in the company
  • Understanding authentic communication
  • Communication in conflict situations
  • Communication in change processes

In a service society, employees are the social capital and form the basis of every company through collective knowledge. It is a community of values that contributes to the successful effectiveness of the company and promises sustainable, as well as quantitative and qualitative success for the future.