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Workshop: Mindful leadership in learning companies in the 21st century

The workshop is suitable for managers and future leaders who are looking for answers and tools for the challenges of the new business world. Through an inspiring atmosphere, an interactive exchange, the applicability of the acquired knowledge expansion, we ensure the transfer into your everyday business life through an appropriate methodology. The workshop is self-contained and also provides valuable insights into our training programmes.

We all have a form of learning ability that is based on our individual learning biography. We know that in today’s dynamic of change with its critical rationalism, this is no longer enough to break new, goal-oriented ground and not only make a company’s own and collective knowledge visible through its actions, but also to use it in a solution-oriented and creative way.

Ideally, companies are constantly on the move and events or new challenges are seen as a stimulus and used constructively for development processes. The room for manoeuvre is expanded and adapted to the new requirements and sustainable solutions are created embedded in the desired cultural development of a company.

What can you expect in the workshop?

In the workshop, you will learn and experience how you can internalise and implement the various elements of mindful leadership in a self-determined way and anchor them in your company based on the specific cultural background.

The topics include self-management skills in connection with mindful leadership and how to create a link to the learning world of an organisation.

Personal vision combined with mindful leadership supports commitment to the bigger picture and lays the foundation for openness to possibilities, strengthens networked thinking and increases resilience.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Strengthen the courage to act independently
  • Thinking differently about key competences for leadership
  • Understanding the effectiveness of mindful leadership / dealing with dilemmas
  • Discover and learn answers to the challenges facing companies today
  • Introduce new leadership qualities into your day-to-day business
  • Ensuring sustainable business success

Strong benefits

  • Orientation towards the benefits of one’s own value system for goal-setting processes
  • Ability to resolve conflicts and change
  • Ability to (self-)observe and analyse
  • Increasing productivity
  • Options for action and efficiency are expanded
  • Integration of your own intuition in combination with perception and reason
  • Learning key competences for better business performance
  • Increase productivity, visibility and business success

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